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What is Doulong?

Full-stack professional IaaS, PaaS solutions empowering your cloud gaming platform,offering premium gaming experiences to game users
Ultimate Graphic Computing Power
Ultimate performance devices customized with Nvidia/AMD/Intel, etc;
Multiple Configurations for different Gaming environments.
Elastic Global Resources
80,000+GPU deployed in Doulong Global IDCs;
Rapid Response from the user's nearby cloud computing nodes;
Elastic resources to satisfy various business needs.
Easy to Access
Well-developed API and SDKs to easily access to Doulong global resources.
Public Cloud Standard T4 IDCs
ISO27001 certified data center facilities and operation processed;
Public cloud standard redundancy management;
DoulongCloud Computing IaaS SLA.

Why Doulong?

Cost-efficiency Resources
Self-developed technologies
High performance computing power
Cost-effective Cloud Computing Resources
Self-built global GPU cloud service resources;
30~60% lower cost than top-tier public cloud;
On-demand cloud computing services at competitive prices.
Self-developed Core Technologies
Years of accumulation in parallel computing, large-scale cluster scheduling and efficient I/O management;
Self-developed streaming, scheduling and virtualization technologies;
Effectively relief the high latency and high package loss rate issues, etc.
High performance computing power
Public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud deployment are supported;
Deeply partnered with Intel/AMD/NVIDIA to pursue ultimate computing performance in the game running environment;
Innovating multiple successful industry solutions, including global top Gaming Content Providers.
Data Security & Protection
Over 10 years of data center management experience;
ISO27001 certified data center and operation process;
Professional 24/7 operation, maintenance and customer service team to provide timely technical support.

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Latest Articles

Your Trusted Cloud Gaming Solution ProviderDecember 15,2022What is the "Doulong" cloud gameing solution? Doulong is a professional cloud gameing solution provider , providing customized IaaS and PaaS services for enterprise users in the field of cloud games. As a strategic core business of the group company Ruiyun Technology, Doulong Cloud is equipped with 80,000+ GPU computing resources, and its clusters cover the world, meeting the needs of customers for high expansion, high elasticity, and high performance at affordable cost, guaranteeing the infrastructure services (IaaS) for Cloud Gaming. As the front-runner of the industry, Doulong’s PaaS solutions, including technologies in virtualization, container, audio and video codec, and real-time streaming, have been adopted in a number of large projects of global key players in the industry, continuously supporting their long-term and stable operation for the projects. Doulong Cloud Doulong How is the Doulong cloud game solution implemented? Doulong cloud game solution includes two parts, which are cloud game IaaS solution and cloud game PaaS solution: Doulong IaaS Solutions: Data center optimization with the public cloud data center standards, the Doulong Data Center is powered with a specially designed power supply and cooling system for gaming environments to ensure stable and reliable services in the Cloud Gaming industry. Also, Doulong’s maintenance team also has over a decade of experience in large-scale cloud service operations. Hardware module customization With in-depth cooperation with Intel/AMD, NVIDIA, Qualcomm,etc., Doulong’s customized cloud game dedicated server has ultimate gaming performance while ensuring long-term 7x24 hours of stable operation. In addition, the ARM server independently developed by Doulong has been iterated many times to provide stable and compatible services for mobile cloud games. the ARM server independently developed by Doulong can effectively meet the demands of stability and compatibility in the cloud mobile game market. Exclusive graphics cards performance. The Doulong cloud server adopts the 1:1 GPU pass-through mode, which has less performance loss and lower cost than the vGPU solution, and the game experience is close to that of the local host. Doulong PaaS Solutions: Technology highlights of Doulong PaaS: Million-level concurrent instances scheduling within seconds; Stream processing latency <10ms; Codec technology developed with auto-adaptive bitrate under in-depth cooperation with NVIDIA & AMD can support up to 4K/120FPS, achieving low bit rate and high image quality; Self-developed container technology on ARM architecture; virtual GPU technologies and make full use of each hardware resource. Raystreaming transmission technology. Forward erasure; anti-packet loss, etc. cloud gaming solution provider In general, the advantages of Doulong cloud gaming solutions can be summarized as follows: Full terminal coverage support. Provide full-end SDK (IOS, Android, H5, applet, Windows, etc.), which can be quickly deployed and accessed. High Availability - Reduce latency, disconnects, and computer crashdown. High availability design; load balancing; self-built, auxiliary database. Walk through step-by-step - fully optimized full-stack software capabilities. Self-developed streaming technology: Raystreaming; Self-developed resource scheduling system: Munu; Self-developed KVM-based in-depth virtualization: Raystack; Self-developed container technology: Raybox. Automatic expansion. Automatic expansion of modules; Automatic scaling to cope with access peaks; Design capacity on demand; Automatic failure recovery. Please feel free to contact us if you want to explore more cloud game solutions of Doulong and improve the development efficiency of your platform. Drop an email to us!
Will the Cloud Version of "Genshin Impact" initiates the fast development of the Cloud Gaming industry?October 24,2022Genshin Impact With the rapid development of 5G and the continuous efforts of big names like Microsoft, Sony and Nvidia, cloud gaming has gradually become common in people's life. The advantages of a high-quality game experience with high resolutions at an affordable price have caused a lot of expectations for the development of the Cloud Gaming industry. As early as 2018, many global giants began to increase their bets on the cloud gaming industry. However, the journey is not as easy as expected. In less than three years, the three cloud gaming platforms that first entered the market have all fallen on hard times for various reasons. It is not difficult to see that the global major game content providers have not been so successful in building cloud gaming platforms and trying to commercialize single-host games. On the other hand, some Chinese Cloud Gaming content providers step into this niche market to find their fortune following their predecessors. However, the cloud game platform they designed is no longer dominated by single-host games, but mobile games. Building a cloud gaming platform for mobile games seems like a joke at first, but it is understandable if we think about the rapid development of mobile games’ quality in recent years. After all, who hasn't been bothered by long wait times for game downloads and phones heating extra heat when overloaded? Although we can easily find and understand the demand and the market for the cloud mobile game business, it is necessary for these leading Chinese game content providers to give the answer to what form this business will appear in the market and what market effect it will bring. Let's take the relatively successful miHoyo's Cloud Version of "Genshin Impact" as an example. Genshin Impact is harvesting great success in global markets, and China, Japan, and the US are the three leading markets of this game. But its large game size still limits the spread of the game's popularity. Therefore, the super-lite cloud version of Genshin Impact has been introduced. Mobile Cloud Game <p style="text-align: center;">Data referenced from SensorTower</p> The official version of Genshin Impact on iOS after full installation and updates is around 20GB. In addition, the system requirements for both Mobile and PC versions of this game are pretty high. It prevents players with low-end devices from downloading, installing, and experiencing this interesting and well-developed game. That's a great pity for both the game publisher and a large number of players. Therefore, the cloud version of Genshin Impact has officially been launched for the iOS platform in China. The game size now is only 80MB. In specific, when Chinese players search the game in App Store, they can see the Cloud Gaming version of Genshin Impact on the top position of search results. Genshin Impact <p style="text-align: center;">miHoyo is testing its cloud gaming platform in China</p> According to miHoYo, the developers use the real-time storage mechanism in the new cloud gaming platform. Genshin Impact Cloud Version mainly packs a single mobile game into a cloud launcher APP at a much lighter size. Players only need to download the launcher APP to start playing the interactive video streaming of the game while the game is run and rendered on cloud resources. As a result, the game size of Genshin Impact is reduced massively. Moreover, the hardware requirements for Genshin Impact on the iOS platform are also lower than before. For example, you can experience Genshin Impact with max settings on iPhone 6.But players need to pay the fee for their cloud gaming account. You can experience the game for the five first online hours. From the sixth hour, players have to use miHoYo coins to buy more storage in the cloud gaming platform. The service is under the testing process in China. With this change, miHoYo can reach a far wider audience of players. Cloud gaming techniques can be the future of the game industry and miHoYo is definitely one of the first gaming companies to apply it to their brainchild.Of course, if the cloud game platform wants to provide players with a high-quality cloud game experience like Cloud Version Genshin Impact, there are many technical difficulties to be solved, such as low delay, high picture quality, cross-terminal, high frame rate, etc., which also has high requirements on the servers and hardware resources. And if you also want to provide users with this type of cloud game platform or your game also wants to go to the cloud, Doulong Cloud, as a professional cloud game solution provider, provides IaaS and PaaS services are there to help seize these business opportunities.
The History and Development of Cloud Games, from Game on Cloud to Native Cloud GamesOctober 14,2022The background of cloud gaming Have you ever been through the following situation: Do you find that the configuration of your devices is not high enough to support when you start on a mobile game? the OS freeze from time to time and makes your devices slow? do your devices cause much heat? the game packs are too large to be installed on your devices? Do you ever want to play any game whenever you want, without downloading, and without the limitations of your phone's hardware? Let's see how Cloud Gaming can help! With only enough internet bandwidth, Cloud Gaming provides a seamless experience to play games, regardless of any devices you have or any environment you are in and there is no need to download the games. Cloud gaming relieves great burdens for both game users and game developers. While reducing the threshold for players, what is behind cloud gaming are challenges for the development of technologies and integration of IT resources. Although cloud games have only become popular in recent years, they are not new to the industry. As early as ten years ago, OnLive firstly proposed the concept of cloud games. Technically, cloud gaming is an interactive online video stream. All the games are run on cloud servers and the instructions from the user side and the rendered game video screens from the server side are compressed and transmitted through the internet. All the game packs and user data are stored on the server and only a thin client is needed to be installed on the local devices. Therefore, the restrictions on the configuration performance of the local devices are reduced and game users can directly enjoy the cloud-based high-resolution game experiences with low latency on the thin client. Cloud Gaming breaks through the limitation of local computing power, prompting the development of games on the cloud. Since 2010, global leading players and many start-ups are constantly trying various cloud game technical solutions to find out feasible business models for cloud gaming. At this time, cloud games are mainly based on the "cloudification" for console games and PC online games. With the booming of the mobile phone industry, mobile games have become even more popular than PC games. Under this fierce competition, many well-known PC game developers step in and more resources are required to produce an outstanding mobile game. In the end, the general size of current high-quality mobile game packs and user data expands from hundreds of MBs to a few GBs, which greatly increases the burdens for the networks, phone configurations and storage. For example, the game pack size of the globally popular mobile game, Genshin Impact, has enlarged to around 15 GBs and the least running environment for the game requires Qualcomm 865 or above. Given that, Mihoyo, developer of Genshin Impact, releases the cloud version which has successfully acquired much more new users who were limited by their devices. It is a 70 MB cloud launcher to access the interactive game stream, getting rid of redundant downloads and updates and saving storage space for devices. Game users can enjoy better game experiences, like high resolutions and framerate, on their average devices. And that is why cloud gaming has huge market potential and is playing a more important role in the industry. Doulong Cloud Gaming Service In the past, it was the network that hindered the development of cloud games, but now with the development and popularization of 5G, the cloud game experience of players has been greatly improved, and the problem has come to game developers. Rather than computing locally, cloud gaming transfers a large amount of gaming computation from player devices to cloud computing servers. There are a series of challenges and technical difficulties with computing power requirements and cloud services hide behind the smooth gaming experience of cloud gaming. With the continuous improvement of game quality and the continuous expansion of the player base, cloud game platforms are facing multiple challenges. Three Requirements for Android Cloud Gaming Firstly, increasingly sophisticated and high-quality mobile games have put forward higher requirements for the efficient computing processing, audio and video encoding and decoding, and image rendering capabilities of servers, as well as the fast and low-latency response capabilities of the network. Secondly, a major feature of cloud games is high concurrency. Massive concurrent access of the game users will result in a surge in requirements for game interaction and data processing through the internet, which is a critical test of the capability and reliability of cloud game platforms. Lastly, there is the cost challenge. The increase in game quality and the number of players has brought about a much higher demand for computing power, in other words, a much higher operation, and maintenance cost. However, the current status of cloud game infrastructure is still not enough for cloud game platforms to cope with the above challenges. At present, the Android system occupies the majority of the global mobile phone market. When running Android games on traditional X86 servers, it will cause the compatibility issue of the instruction set and that will inevitably lead to a loss of efficiency. The cloud game server for mobile games integrates multiple terminal SoCs, which solves the incompatibility problem very well, so it has also been widely adopted and deployed. Native Android cloud game technology to facilitate large-scale deployment of cloud games The whole industry is currently going through the stage of "game cloudification" which means traditional ways are still adopted in game development while cloud services are applied in game deployment, distribution, and operations, etc. As a professional cloud game solution provider in the industry, "Doulong" offers a series of IaaS and PaaS solutions to the market to help game content providers and cloud game platforms providing better cloud gaming services . cloud gaming After years of cooperation with Nvidia and AMD, Doulong has launched a series of highly customized IaaS resources powered with the latest GPUs dedicated to the cloud gaming market. At the same time, Doulong's well-developed PaaS platform makes it easy and convenient for the company to access Doulong's global massive global resources and manage the whole business cycle for cloud gaming. Doulong has 80,000+ GPU resources around the world, which can be flexibly expanded, providing highly elastic GPU rendering computing. Also, Doulong has powerful concurrent scheduling capabilities and supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Web, and supports ultra-low-latency access to multiple terminals such as mobile phones, tablets, and TV, etc. For game cloudification, game content providers only need to submit the game installation package on the platform and wait for the process to complete. In addition, the self-developed audio and video streaming technology, Raystreaming, can better achieve high image quality and low latency. It can support up to 4K/144FPS image quality and can reduce encoding, decoding, and rendering delays to less than 10ms, leading the industry standard. Besides, the self-developed container technology, RayBox, can well realize the elastic utilization of resources. Rome wasn't built in a day and there is still a long way from “Cloudification” to “Native Cloud Gaming”. During this process, Doulong will always dedicate to empowering cloud gaming industry participants by providing better services to the market. We also hope that the promising future of cloud gaming will come soon with all our efforts.
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